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In the past five years, we have seen sisters who have always wanted to write join us as newbies and go on to write for a wide variety of other publications, Muslim and mainstream. We have seen our writers administer blogs, publish books, start businesses – and have several more kids! The members of the core team have celebrated no less than five births between us, masha Allah!
With the assistance of Allah SWT, we’ve enabled sisters to earn halal income from doing something they love and, in the process, we’ve made connections with wonderful sisters from around the world. We’ve learned, shared, laughed and cried together.

Over the five years that we have been publishing SISTERS, the magazine has seen many changes, as those who have been with us from the beginning will testify: design and designers; topics, writers and editors; websites and branding – not to mention moving from bimonthly online to quarterly in print, and monthly in print to our new, larger sized glossy monthly.
I don’t mind admitting that none of this was anticipated from the start: we didn’t have a five year plan that described these changes and their effects in detail. But we had hopes, we had ambitions and dreams – and Allah SWT was Merciful and gave us the strength, will and support to keep going, even when the going was tough and the changes threatened to overwhelm us.
Throughout it all, we kept the faith: if there is khair in this, Allah SWT will not let us fail.

Today, the magazine you hold before you is a product of the blood, sweat and tears of many Muslims around the world, brothers and sisters, over the last five years. And through it all, we have held on to the same dream: for SISTERS to be a magazine that empowers Muslim women everywhere to live lives of purpose and faith, to truly become the best Muslimahs we can be.
That has not and, bi’idhnillah, will not change.

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